Ihr EU-Führerschein

Application in Europe

Application procedure based on the example of getting class B driving license

Registration at place of residence shall be executed in the foreign affairs police station. To do this, a foreign passport, electronic Health Insurance Card (E-Card), photos and advance payment of 700 euros is required. You will also need to fill in some forms.

1. Entry

To register in the foreign affairs police station you will need to appear in person. Registration is performed in the presence of our lawyer only.

Registration in the driver training centre requires additional installment in the amount of 2000 euros.

2. Entry

Driving license exam, driving license issuing service, etc.
Interpreter’s services are provided during application for you driving license.

After that you will need to pay the final installment for our services in the amount of 700 euros.

All prices are exclusive of arrival to Vienna/Austria.

Our services for place of residence registration

  • Registration of a place of residence in the required EU country
  • Payment for all duties and fees for registration at the pace of residence
  • Rental expenses for 7 months
  • Expenses for receipt of an foreign national identity card
  • Expenses for documents execution
  • At the client’s will, a transfer from Austria to Foreign Affairs Administration (a visit to Graz costs extra)

Our services for application for driving license

  • Submission of an application to the appropriate authorities
  • Payment for operating expenses in the relevant authorities
  • Payment for all expenses during application of documents
  • Driving hours in compliance with the program
  • Interpreter’s services
  • Service during the exam
  • Transfer from the place of residence to the driver training centre

Basic conditions

  • Absence of prohibition to entry the relevant EU country
  • Minimum age is 18 years
  • Absence of current prohibition to drive a vehicle or withdrawal of the driving license in Austria

We will send you your driving license after its issue by the police authorities. Upon your request we will organize your arrival and accommodation.

In EU countries traffic psychological assessment and additional training are not needed!
If you are getting your driving license in EU countries and you are registered there at the place of residence, you are under the local law.

Possibility of getting all classes driving license. The license is valid round throughout the world.

We helped a lot of people to find independence again and to improve their life quality. We will be glad to do this for you.

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